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Star4 qty Worth the price

This product is a great investment, but now I always wake up without seeing my dehydration lines! Does have a heavy floral fragrance. (-1 star)

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Star5 qty I love it

It smells nice and moisturizes really well. 1164bfcfe1fd0b3978ce7411ecd1601f_1502095 

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Star5 qty great product
chr…@gmail.com Soaks into my face quickly leaving it nice and soft. Also great for the ends of my hair. Best face oil I've tried so far!
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Star5 qty huxley oil light and more

I finished my first bottle already and i ordered 2 bottles more!!! I not only use this on my face--i also use it on my arms,hands, legs  and feet!!! i want my arms and legs to be smooth and beautiful too--i believe this product takes away the dryness of my arms and legs. It is really i great product--Huxley--pls do not stop making this product. LOVE_LOVE LOVE it much!!!

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Star5 qty Amazing!!!
Cat…@gmail.com This is now my holy grail. I add this to my night cream and my face feels so soft.
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