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Star5 qty Amazing!!!
Cat…@gmail.com This is now my holy grail. I add this to my night cream and my face feels so soft.
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Star5 qty Love it!
bub…@hotmail.com It is a light facial oil. Absorbs well, smells like baby oil. Will repurchase!
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Star5 qty I love this.

Skin type: slightly oily, dehydrated, acne-prone



Huxley is hands-down the new brand I'm hooked on. I love the minimalist concept / natural spa feel. I first heard of Huxley through youtubers Joan Kim and Sunnydahye. 


The product is light and sinks in quickly. I love the light and fresh prickly pear scent. It's a pleasure to use and I haven't broken out from it. I'd liken it to Nuxe Dry Oil, but I can only use that on my body because it's very strongly fragranced and for some reason, I break out from it. My skin is not typically sensitive to fragrances. I'd say Huxley oil is slightly thinner in consistency but the concept of a dry and lightweight oil is not new. 


This is one product I'd definitely repurchase. As it's winter, I get dehydrated skin and I like to use this oil as a barrier for the hydrating creams I use. However, I'd use this as a primary moisturiser in the summer. 

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Star5 qty huxley oil light and more

this i use all over--after using it in my face--then my arms and legs too==skin so soft but not oily feeling--because it is absorbs /sink into my skin.  No greasy feeling at all!! love love this product.  i will buy more and will give to my hubby to use.

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