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Star5 qty Love
chi…@yahoo.com Love this. Does not dry out my face
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Star5 qty Amazing
dai…@icloud.com My pimples go away
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Star3 qty leaves a squeaky clean feel

I dont know how I feel about this cleanser, a lot of youtube beauty gurus love it so I gave it a shot. Very foamy which I enjoy but it leaves my face 'squeaky clean' which i do not like. 

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Star5 qty <3
ric…@gmail.com You can feel this facewash really getting into your pores, it's amazing. Highly recommend!
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Star5 qty Volcanic Cleanser

Heard lots about the volcanic series from innisfree, never really used it, but wanted to try some new cleansers, and this is one of them. Cleans thoroughly i like it, but leaves a dry finish on face.

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