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Star5 qty fresh

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Star5 qty Love it
lsw…@hotmail.se I have now brought this to 4 people beause I want them to try it. And they all love it! Its perfect to use on sunburns. It makes your skin smooth feeling and it smells great! I keep buying this to my friends
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Star5 qty This is good for my skin type
sar…@yahoo.co.id I love this so much
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Star5 qty Great as a body moisturizer

I've tried using this as a sleeping mask, facial moisturizer, and as a body moisturizer. It does take a few minutes to dry and be not sticky, but it's great once dried! No slippery-ness from regular lotion and skin doesn't look ashy!

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Star5 qty Great

Very soothing and calming. Helps sunburns and has a very cooling effect. Great as a mask if you put on a thick layer 

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