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Star5 qty Very good
Kim…@gmail.com 4864c6b1fe9eafef7551a5725ad54644_1503003

Make my skin very refresh

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Star5 qty Really soothing

Really soothing, great for after a day out in the sunf47258347f1d2da239ac6d565d207c34_1502328 

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Star5 qty Holy grail!
kri…@gmail.com This is an amazing multi-purpose product, it soothes skin, lightens scars, and even reduces hair fall. My favorite use for it is as an overnight sleeping mask, my face definitely feels smooth after rinsing the next morning.
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Star5 qty Soothes every part of your body
chr…@yahoo.com I couldn't really question why this one is a best seller. ☺️
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Star4 qty Wouldn't recommend on face

After purchasing I realized that this has alcohol in it so I didn't want to put my skin at risk. But for its price and the amount you get, it's great for those sunburns or just random rashes that you want to soothe!

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