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Star5 qty Love it
Hen…@keysboroughsc.vic.edu.au Feel really hydrated And cooling to face
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Star4 qty Fresh Sleeping mask
Chy…@yahoo.com I'm using it as a sleeping mask, love it So refreshing !
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Star5 qty LOVE
mih…@gmail.com I love this you get so much product for the price and my skin feels so refreshed and my redness is less visible
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Star5 qty Wonderful!
kim…@gmail.com Really good and the size is worth the price! It really moisturizes my face and I see this being eczema /sensitive skin friendly as it has little to no scent and it's no dyes! Very hydrating and the skin soaks it right up. Love it!!
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Star5 qty great

the best ever. great product1992730947ec5b41eb0f5a26afea6bdb_1506124

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