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[Sum37] Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Water

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[Sum37] Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Water

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Бренд : SU:M37˚
Код : SUMC07-Water
Вес : 520g (1.15 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [Sum37] Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Water! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including , , . Hydra online.
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SUM37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Water is a liquid type cleansing water that removes makeup remanants and impurities clearly without needing to double cleaning. It contains fermented moisturizing ingredients to provide deep nourishment and hydration while cleansing. Moreover, vegetable extracts removes dead skin cells and excess sebum white tightens the pores effectively.
[Skin Saver]
Formulated with ingredients including 50 kinds of plants that were naturally fermented for over 372 days, Skin Saver is a cleansing system that effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells to promote transparent and smooth skin.
Suggested Use
Pour amoderate amount to a cotton pad and cleanse makeup according to skin texture. Cleanse until makeup won?€?t besmeared to a cotton pad and finish with skin care lightly.
Main Ingredients
Fermented giant kelp, deep ocean water, seaweed extracts, other 50 kinds of plants that were naturally fermented for over 372 days.


  • Отзывы (2)
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Star5 qty good

hydrating and tones

Опубликовано 15-11-11 Рекомендовать
Star4 qty Good, not for oily skin types

Bought this to use when I get home from work and I'm feeling gross from sitting in the office in my makeup all day long. Isn't overly scented (sorta citrus-y maybe?) and seems to remove makeup really very well. as it's made to remove makeup, it seems to have some oil content in it and thus leaves your face sort of oily feeling after, this doesn't bother me as my skin is somewhat dry, but those with oily skin may prefer to wash their face again after use though it says it's not required for this. I do like this much better than the Skinfood black sugar water cleanser as it seems to remove makeup a little better.

Опубликовано 15-10-16 Рекомендовать