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4. faradina.tshani… 17-07-04
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3. rntmn03@gmail.c… 17-04-08

How long is the use period after opening this product?


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2. mlbarnante@gmai… 17-03-28
Is it ok to use this as 7 skin method? If not, what can you advice?

Hello dear customer,

I'm lala from Stylekorean team.


For 7 skin method is based on what type your skin is. People with combination and oily skin need to avoid comedogenic toner, it would be best if they use watery and oil-free toner. For dry skin, use a non-alcohol toners with moisturizing toner. 

Hope it helps! 


Thank you.


1. mariana.extreme… 17-02-24

Hi can you please clarify if the product name is AH7 or the AHA/BHA clarifying treatment toner, because the product name doesn't match with the product photo.


product im talking about is in this link






Hello dear customer


I'm jimi of stylekorean manager


Thanks for your advise.


I changed product name exactly.




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