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Если Вы ещё не сделали заказ, то выбор категории невозможен.
Если у Вас возник вопрос по поводу размещения заказа или доставки, пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке ниже.

Часто задаваемые вопросы по доставке.

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  • Заказы
    • Как я могу отменить заказ?

      Для отмены заказа, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками команды Style Korean в системе службы поддержки сайта - Вопрос-Ответ или имэйл, сообщив номер заказа. Возврат суммы стоимости заказ возможен двумя способами - денежными средствами или поинтами нашего сайта. 

      В случае, если заказ уже был собран или отправлен, отмена невозможна.  

  • returns & refunds
    • what is your return/exchange policy?

      What is your return/exchange policy? Stylekorean is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service. 

      1. Contact Us

      Email :


      To ensure speedy service, please have the following information ready when you call or email our Customer Service Department:

      1. Your order number
      2. Product name of the item you wish to return.
      3. Reason for requesting.

      Defective Item Exchange: Available within 15 days

      Unwanted Item Return: Available within 15 days (Unopened Items only)

      * If replacement items are out of stock, item value will be refunded in the Stylekorean Credit.

    • how are refunds handled?

      There are two ways to refund on

      (If you have purchased with DukuATM, Only point refunds are allowed.)

      1.     If you accept Stylekorean points as refund , we are going to put Stylekorean points in your account I'll add 1.5 USD more than the product amount.

      2.     We are going to refund the product amount by paypal or eximbay.



      Please , let us know which refund process your prefer .





  • payment
    • when will my credit card be charged?

      If you pay using your credit card directly on our website, your credit card will be charged upon approval of the total order amount. Prior to approval, your order is in the "Verification" or "On Hold" stage, during which you will not be charged. After approval, your credit card will be charged and the order will enter the "Processing" stage. 
      If you use a third-party payment platform, e.g., PayPal, your credit card may be charged at order placement or another time.

    • what currency will you use when charging my credit card?

      All credit card transactions will be charged using USD.

    • accepted payment methods currently accepts various Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express for all orders. At checkout, simply choose Paypal, Eximbay, Doku (Indonesia), Molpay (only Malaysia), or PaysBuy (only Thailand) to process your payment. Paypal and Eximbay do not require accounts, so checkout is fast and easy

    • what is paypal?

      PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment services and is widely used as a payment processer by online shoppers. Using PayPal, shoppers can securely send and receive payments online using their credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts, even if they don't have a PayPal account. Please visit for more details.

      How can I start using PayPal to pay for StyleKorean orders?


      You can pay via PayPal in two ways:

      1.Using a PayPal account (visit for details) to process bank transfers and credit or debit card payments.

      2. Using PayPal Checkout, which allows a user to pay with their credit or debit card without opening a PayPal account.

    • how do i pay with paypal?

      There are two ways to pay using PayPal: Normal Checkout and Checkout with PayPal.

      Normal Checkout

      • After placing items in your Shopping Bag, hit the "Checkout" button.
      • Sign in to your StyleKorean account.
      • At the "Payment" stage in the checkout process, choose PayPal as your payment option.
      • You will be redirected to the PayPal website. Login to your PayPal account and click "Pay." If you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to open one, simply fill out the ‘Guest Checkout’ form and you’ll able to pay without a PayPal account.
      • Click "Continue" to return to StyleKorean and complete your purchase.
      • Return to the "Review" stage of the checkout process. Note that PayPal is now indicated as the Payment Method.
      • Click the "Place Order" button and an order number will be created for processing.

      Checkout with PayPal

      • After placing items in your Shopping Bag, hit the "Check out with PayPal" button.
      • You will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you can review the order summary.
      • Complete the checkout process at and confirm your payment.
      • You will be directed back to the StyleKorean checkout page.
      • Click the "Place Order" button and an order number will be created for processing.

      What if my PC crashes or my ISP experiences problems during my PayPal payment transaction?


      Case 1: After pressing "Pay"
      If you clicked the "Pay" button, payment will still be transferred from PayPal to StyleKorean. Please sign in to your StyleKorean account and proceed to your shopping bag to process a replacement order with us.

      Assuming that you are purchasing the same items in your replacement order, you will not be prompted with the PayPal log in screen again. Our checkout system will take you directly to the final page with the order number.

      If the total payment amount for your new order is different from the previous order, you will need to go through the PayPal payment process as if you were placing a new order. Please note that this means that we will receive a new payment from PayPal and that any extra payment will be refunded to your PayPal account by the next business day.

      Case 2: When returning to StyleKorean
      Under such circumstances, if you clicked the "Pay" button, payment will be transferred from PayPal to StyleKorean. However, we will not consider this to be a valid order. Please note that any refunds that you are owed for this transaction will be processed as StyleKorean credit on the next business day.

    • direct deposit

      What is the procedure for paying by Direct Deposit? 

      1. Place your order and select Molpay (Malaysia only), PaysBuy (Thailand only) or Doku (Indonesia only).

      2. Perform a bank transfer to the account number shown on your order slip.
      3. Once we have successfully received your payment, we will verify it with our bank and process your order on the next business day. Please note that this verification process can take up to two business days.


      What happens if a Direct Deposit transaction entails a service charge or handling fee?

      StyleKorean will not be responsible for any handling fees or service charges that may arise. Also, please note that if you perform an online transfer via e-banking from other banks, a service charge may be incurred. StyleKorean will not be responsible for this service charge. When performing a Direct Deposit, please account for any service charges and make sure that the exact amount of your total order is deposited to our bank account.


      Why is "Verifying" still showing after I have made a direct deposit?

      Upon receiving a receipt of payment, further verification is required. Please note that this verification process can take up to 2 business days. We will approve your order as soon as payment confirmation is received from the bank.


      How will a refund of a Direct Deposit payment be handled?

      Refunds are issued in the form of StyleKorean Credit. StyleKorean Credit can be applied to pay for future purchases at StyleKorean.


      If I'm adding new items to my order and I need to pay an additional amount, how will that be handled? 

      Please place another order for additional purchases. 

    • payent currencies

      For current exchange rates, refer to the Currency Conversion Table. 

      All charges for other countries are in U.S. Dollars for now, but we hope shortly that all card companies will accept payment in all destination currencies, and charge us in our currency.

  • customs & tax
    • will i have to pay customs taxes on my shipment?

      When ordering from Stylekorean,

      Customers are fully responsible for any of customs related issues, such as Customs Taxes, Import Taxes, Value added Taxes, and so on. 

      Customers are required to pay charges such as customs fee, service fee, administration fee, warehousing fee whatsoever related with customs.


      Customs issues vary by countries, so customers need to contact local customs office for detailed information to avoid potential problem

    • what happens if there are banned items in my shipment?

      Customers should contact their local customs office for information concerning banned items in their countries. We are required by law to declare our shipments according to their actual content and value.  

      We cannot entertain requests to alter declaration values and/or content of shipments.  If for any reason your local customs authorities confiscate any items from your order, 

      Stylekorean is not responsible for reshipment or refund regarding the confiscated item(s).

    • will i receive a refund if i refuse the shipment when it is delivered to me?

      If customers refuse a package due to customs issues, including refusal to pay customs tax or duties, failure to provide requested documents, or other related issues, we will not be responsible for any refund or reshipment of the refused package.

  • shipping rates & delivery
    • free shipping offer

      Shipping Method

      Minimum Purchase Required

      For Free Shipping

      Maximum Weight For Free Shipping

      Eligible Countries And Regions









      Free shipping events are often run for other countries, so please visit our homepage to see advertised free shipping events.


    • shipping rates

      StyleKorean does not include the price of shipping in each product's price. This provides price transparency for customers. Shipping cost is calculated by weight and differs depending on the shipping method and destination country.


    • when will my order arrive?

      In general, the delivery time of your shipment can be determined using the following formula:
      Estimated delivery time = Product availability + Estimated shipping time of chosen Shipping Method.
      The Expected Ship Out Date is the day that we estimate your order will leave our warehouse, and can be determined using the greatest number of days in the "availability" range of the items in your order. 

    • how will my orders be shipped?

      Every order is normally shipped out within 72 business hours from the time of receiving the order.


      It will ship out soon and you will receive tracking numbers to track your package.

    • will my shipment come with a tracking number or code?

      When order parcels are shipped, we email tracking numbers to customers.
      The email contains both order details and shipment tracking numbers.

    • can my shipment be delivered to a post office box?

      We are unable to ship to the following address: P.O. Box, APO, FPO, DPO.

    • what happens to my order if it can't be delivered and is returned to stylekorean?

      All shipments returned to StyleKorean are considered “undeliverable”. Reasons for undeliverable shipments include incorrect shipping address, failed delivery attempts by the post office provider (i.e., the recipient is unavailable), or unclaimed shipments held by the courier agent.

      When we receive undeliverable shipments, we will notify customers via email to arrange for reshipment. All reshipments incur handling fees plus reshipment fees that are the same as StyleKorean’s regular shipping fees. Reshipment fees will be applied regardless of the original shipment’s eligibility for free shipping. Additional courier charges for return shipping may also apply.

      In the case that a refund is wanted, the costs must be handled by the customer. Once we receive the package and check the products, a refund shall be issued in the form of StyleKorean points. 

    • will i have to pay customs taxes on my shipment?

      When ordering from StyleKorean, the customer is considered the importer of the purchased products and will be responsible for any customs tax, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), valued-added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related charges. Customs policies vary by country and StyleKorean cannot make any guarantees as to whether or not shipments will be subject to customs-related fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.
      In addition to customs fees, customers may also incur other charges, such as administration or brokerage fees. These are handling charges incurred due to customs processing and clearance of your shipment. Customers are required to pay the relevant courier service upon delivery of the shipment.

    • which countries does ship to?
    • where does stylekorean ship its orders from?

      All orders are processed at and shipped from our warehouse in South Korea.

  • credit & coupon
    • what is stylekorean points?

      StyleKorean Point is store credit that can be used as "money" on our site. It can be used within six months from the issue date.

      If you have StyleKorean Points available, our system will prompt you to use it during the checkout process.

    • how do i view my stylekorean store credit record?

      You can check your StyleKorean Points in the "My Page" section of “My Account.”


    • how do i get stylekorean coupons?

      Coupons are issued to customers periodically via different promotions. Simply input the coupon code in the “Promotion Code” field or click the 

      "Choose a Coupon" field during the checkout process and our system will automatically deduct the coupon amount from your order total.  

      Coupons do have expiration dates and conditions, and expired coupons will not be extended for any reason.

    • how do i view my coupons record?

      You can view all coupons via "My Account" under the "My Page' tab. This section displays your coupon record and you can also check a coupon's expiration date by clicking on the coupon number.

  • my account
    • can i check my order history?

      You can check your orders under "My Account" below the 'Order History" tab. 

      The account summary displays your last orders and allows you to check your complete order history by clicking on the order number.

    • why do the order date and time seem incorrect?

      The order date and time you see is displayed in Korean Standard Time. 

    • can i view past shipment invoice?

      Every shipment comes with a separate order number.  To view each one, click on “My Account ”. All order numbers are available under the "My Orders" tab.

      For more information regarding the payment total, tracking number, shipping and handling charges etc. click the "Order Number” link.  

    • how do i change my personal information (password, shipping address)?

      You can change your information at any time using the following steps:


      1. Sign on "Sign In / Register"

      2. Click on "My Account", and then click the "Edit Account" at the top right corner

      3. If you want to change your password, enter your current password, and then click "Confirm."

      4. Enter your new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields. Please make sure the password is more than 3 characters.

      5. You can modify information such as country, address, phone number, etc. here.

      6. Please enter the captcha numbers at the bottom.

      7. Click the "Edit Info" button to complete your changes.

  • product information
    • do you sell genuine beauty products?

      Yes, all of our products are authentic and sourced from reliable suppliers located here in Korea.

    • where do you ship beauty products?

      StyleKorean ships Beauty Products to all the countries listed here.

    • make up

      1.     What type of foundation/ cushion should I get for my skin type? 
      Dry skin types should use liquid or cream foundation.
      Normal to dry skin types should use liquid or cream foundation.
      Normal to oily skin types should use oil-free/oil-controlling liquid or powder. 
      Oily skin types should use oil-free/oil-controlling liquid or powder with a matte finish. 


      2.     What is the shelf life of makeup items after they have been opened?
      Although it may not listed on the bottle, makeup does have their "expiration date." Exposure to air, bacteria, and light causes makeup to degrade over time. Try to store makeup in a cool, dry, and dark location, and wash hands and brushes/puffs before use to minimize contamination. Other than being less effective, makeup past its shelf life can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Be especially careful about eye makeup, as eyes are more susceptible to infection. It is best to regularly clear out your cosmetics bag. If the item has a smell or has changed color/consistency, it is definitely time to dispose of it. 
      Most beauty products should have a 3-year shelf life starting from their manufacturing date, and should be used within 1 year after being opened. Certain types of products may have a longer or shorter shelf life. Please refer to the specific product details or packaging for further information.

    • skincare

      1. What are the different skincare products for?

      Video serves purely as a guide for general use.


      Many brands offer combined products, and different products may have different functions and recommended usage. 

      Read the product information and instructions for each item carefully before application. 


      Our KBS:

      2. What are UVA and UVB? 
      UVA and UVB are ultraviolet rays radiated by the sun that can cause damage to skin. Ultraviolet-A (UVA) are long-wave rays that penetrate deep into skin and cause aging effects such as wrinkles. Ultraviolet-B (UVB) are short-wave rays that cause tanning and sunburns. UVB is more directly linked to skin cancer, but UVA also can bring cancer-causing effects. 

      3. What does SPF mean? And what SPF sunscreen should I use? 
      SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it is a measure of how long a sunscreen protects against UVB rays. The higher the SPF, the greater the protection. Note, however, that the scale is not proportional: SPF 30 provides around 3% more protection than SPF 15, not twice as much. 

      For normal daily activities, a sunscreen with an SPF of 15-25 is adequate. For those engaging in prolonged outdoor activities, such as swimming and hiking, a higher SPF is recommended. People who have more sensitive (easily sunburned) skin should also seek higher SPF products. Sunscreen should be applied at least 20 minutes before exposure to sun and reapplied every 2 hours and after swimming. Skin is at risk from UV rays even on cloudy days, so it is best to always wear sunscreen when outdoors. 

      4. What is PA?
      PA stands for protection grade. It is a measure used to determine how well a sunscreen protects against UVA rays. There are 3 grades - PA+, PA++, and PA+++ - in that order of protection. PA++ is adequate for normal protection. PA+++ is recommended for extended sunlight exposure and sensitive skin types. 

    • i bought a beauty product that i previously purchased before, but the newer product has a different package or texture. why is that?

      Beauty brands develop new formulas and occasionally change product packaging to follow market trends. As such, a product may change packaging or have a slightly different texture when new formulas or versions are released.

    • how can i check the manufacture date or expiration date of korean beauty items?

      Please refer to the Korean - English translation below and check the dates marked on the product container or outer packaging. Some products may only be marked with manufacture dates, and are expected to expire within one (1) year of opening. 


      "Expiration Date vs Manufacturing Date"

  • browsing our website
    • do i need to know the full name of an item to search?

      No, it is not necessary for you to know the full name of the item.  As long as you have input search keyword, our search engine will locate all items containing the keyword and display the results based on relevance. The more keywords you enter, the more specific the results will be.  Alternatively, you can browse by brand or category through the links on the left-hand column of the front pages.

    • does capitalization affect search results?

      Search engine is not case sensitive.


      Capital letters will have no impact on the search results.

    • which mobile devices and operating systems are compatible with

      Mobile device using an iOS, Android or Windows operating system is compatible with Stylekorean.

    • which browsers does stylekorean support?

      Stylekorean was built using web standards

      Runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or any other device with a supported, up-to-date browser.


      You’ll have access to the latest features on Stylekorean, and receive improved security and performance."

    • stylekorean supports current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

      - Google Chrome

      - Apple Safari

      - Mozilla Firefox

      - Internet Explorer 11


      - Edge

    • what is wishlist?

      The WISHLIST is a member-only feature that allows you to bookmark items that you like for later purchase. The WISHLIST feature is only usable if you are signed in using your Stylekorean account. While browsing our site, add items to the WISHLIST by clicking ‘ADD TO WISH’ button with each item (Desktop) or tapping the heart icon associated with each item (Mobile). 

    • do you have a printed catalogue?

      We currently do not have a printed catalogue, but we hope to offer one in the near future. All products can be browsed and purchased online at 

    • can i request personal assistance?

      Our Customer Service section provides helpful tips and product information for your reference.  You are, however, most welcome to contact our Customer Service representatives by Q&A board or email ( for further inquiries.  Stylekorean's Customer Service is ready to assist you.

  • contact us