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[Innisfree] Tapping Lip Concealer[Innisfree] Tapping Lip Concealer

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[Innisfree] Tapping Lip Concealer

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Бренд : Innisfree
Код : IFM23-TapLipCON
Вес : 10g (0.02 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [Innisfree] Tapping Lip Concealer! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including , , . Hydra online.



When the tapping lip concealer is applied on the outer lines of the lip the color of the slip is sent naturally. It is specifically used for excentuating the color of the lip makeup and help set it on the lip longer. The lip concealer contains camellia oil and shea butter to fully moisturize the lips and give the lips a smooth cover. It is ideally used to achieve the plump gradated lip style


Suggested Use


1. Before the use of lip makeup use your fingertip and gently tap the lip concealer on your lip. You can tone down your natural lip color or lightly conceal the definate outer lines of your lip.

2. After use the lipstick and apply it from the midcenter and fill out the lips to your desire.



Use only for the purpose of lip makeup.

Store in moderate temperature away from direct sunlight.

If there are skin problems that arise, stop use.



  • Отзывы (21)
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Star4 qty Innisfree Lip Concealer

This lip concealer isn't bad. I doesn't dry my lips out. It is not very long lasting. On my very pigmented lips, the color seems more like a nude lipstick. 

Опубликовано 17-10-30 Рекомендовать
Star5 qty Great

Very smooth and good coverage

Опубликовано 17-09-29 Рекомендовать
Star5 qty Innisfree Tapping lip concealer

58d033858fbf159980696ce392425ecb_1501982Useful  for shaping and playing with existing lip colours. I don't find it drying. 

Опубликовано 17-08-06 Рекомендовать
Star1 qty [Innisfree] Tapping lip concealer 3.5g
Gha… Jelek, kayaknya gak bakalan beli lagi
Опубликовано 17-06-15 Рекомендовать
Star4 qty Pros and cons
myc… Pros Not as drying as other lip concealers (I'm comparing to MAC and Canmake) travel friendly friendly ingredients cost Cons mild coverage not long lasting Overall, not bad, not sure if i'll repurchase.
Опубликовано 17-05-11 Рекомендовать