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[Nature Republic] Blackhead Clear 3-Step Nose Pack

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[Nature Republic] Blackhead Clear 3-Step Nose Pack

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Бренд : Nature Republic
Код : NP108-3stepnose
Вес : 50g (0.11 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [Nature Republic] Blackhead Clear 3-Step Nose Pack! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including Косметика, Уход за кожей, Патчи. Hydra Патчи online.


Open pores! Empty! Close! Waste pores, whiteheads and Effectively managed through a step-by-step to remove blackheads

Supple to cultivate a clear blackheads pores Nose Step 3

The breath of nature packs carefully baked oak charcoal fire in the living Jiri traditional charcoal burner.

STEP 1. pores wide open: Number of Witch Hazel, Sage leaf water contains, lemon Balm leaf extract ingredients to give it softens the horny old sheet that can help you remove waste products

STEP 2. sebum removal : Fiji sheet that eliminates up to excellent adsorptive charcoal ingredient is embedded in the pores.

STEP 3. pores and smooth: cooling given the wider pores temporarily removed due to Fiji, to help follicles sheet converge.

Suggest Use

1.After washing out the first phase will close fit on the nose. Removed after 15-20 minutes, then wipe with a cotton swab, such as a melt from sebum.

2.After sufficiently dampened with water level around the nose, detached two-phase transparent film with a dry hand, and then paste will fit the shape of the nose. If after 10-15 minutes and slowly Nose is completely dry, remove from the edge

3.Remove the seat, remove the support following steps will stick to fit the shape of the nose. Remove the remaining liquid, and after 5-10 minutes is to absorb tapping.


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lil… Действительно, хорошие полоски для очищения чёрных точек. Очень понравились, обязательно закажу снова

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Star5 qty Мне нравится, хорошо очищает
ang… Очищает от чёрных точек, мне нравится это средство

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Nas… Хорошо работает. Приятный аромат
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Star4 qty Чёрные точки
Lun… Трёх ступенчатое удаление чёрных точек, намного лучше, чем обычные полоски и маски. Правда чёрные точки не только на носу, но в области вокруг. Можно бы сделать полоски чуть шире.
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mul… Хорошо очищают нос, а главное очень удобны в использовании.
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